Virtual Dog Training



What Can We Help You With?

We help you with behavior and training issues for dogs. Some possible topics that can be covered in a virtual session include:

· Training techniques and instruction on typical obedience behaviors

· Pre- and post- adoption counseling

· Common dog behavior problems such as house training, barking, digging, chewing, pulling on leash, jumping on people and destructive behavior.

· Serious dog behavior issues such as separation anxiety, reactivity and aggression.

· Cooperative Vet Care to help your animal at the vet’s office or with needed daily at home medical treatments

How Does Online Dog Training Work?

No fancy or expensive technology needed to do a virtual session. If you have a computer with a webcam or a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection, you’re set! We use free, easy-to-download video chat software, such as and Skype.

We’ll walk you through the entire process so don’t worry if you’re “technically challeneged”- we make the process painless and enjoyable- we promise!

When you purchase a session, we’ll contact you via email to schedule a time and date that’s convenient for you and your family. After we discuss your case, depending on your goals and your pet’s needs, we’ll design a custom package for you and schedule future sessions.

What Does Online Dog Training Cost?

Sessions are booked in 30 and 60 minute increments.

·  $40 for 30 minutes

· $80 for 60 minutes

Not sure where to start?

· Need some quick advice, not sure what you need, or want more info on how tele-training works? Get our initial ½ hour consult!

· Do you have a pet with a behavior problem and you are ready to get help ASAP? Click the button below to sign up for your first hour of training!

If you decide after your initial session that you’d like to continue training with additional sessions, we can offer you savings on packages for three or more sessions.